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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Free Printable Download - One Year Vocabulary Book for Homeschool Middle School!

I am most please to have just completed and uploaded a complete one-year (school year!) grab-n-go Vocabulary Book 1 for middle school homeschoolers.  You can download your free copy now at:

Your student will learn a new vocabulary word each day, that they can research online or with a dictionary, and complete a worksheet about that word, including synonyms, part of speech, root, etc... After 4 days, a cumulative review is given for the week. After every 20 lessons, a larger cumulative review is offered, and a final 5 page review can be studied for and completed at the end of the year.

This is a great and effective vocabulary course to add into your English plans! This is the new one for this year, but if I have enough interest, I'll put up last year's course as well. My son enjoyed his "Word of the Day" each morning, and had an amazing retention by the end of the year for the final review! It took only about 10-15 minutes each morning, but the results beat another course we did previously by miles, and in fact, he specifically asked to do the same style this year, hence the new Vocabulary Book 1 available on my website!  So feel free to download, and if you would like to share, please link back to

Here are some samples pics from Vocabulary Book 1, including a sample of the word of the day and the corresponding printable worksheet:

 Hope you enjoy!
- Professor Bananas

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